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Welcome to Backyard Reports!

After a good run of nearly 8 years, I've decided to shut down the Backyard website. The site was originally set up as a place for Newfoundland and Labrador salmon anglers to share information about river conditions in the province. The name was derived from the outdoor column I wrote for many years, My Backyard, which appeared in Downhome Magazine and the Telegram, St. John's.


Since then, FaceBook has come on the scene and of course most of the information we seek can be found at one of the many FB pages dedicated to anglers.


Thanks so very much to all of you who have contributed to the discussion here at the Backyard. It has been my pleasure to meet many of you on the river and God willing, we will continue to meet in the days ahead.


I'll be fishing, occasionally guiding, but always grateful for the blessing of living in this place and experiencing the tremendous pleasures found in our Newfoundland and Labrador outdoors.

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Thanks for visiting and be careful out there!

 Derek Brace 

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